Mobilising Active Citizens
Highlights of a speech given by Dave Clements, social policy editor, Future Cities Project at the Future of Community festival, March 4th 2006
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Community, What Community
What’s the similarity between David Miliband MP and a synthetic phonics teacher? Well, both want to emphasise the central position of ‘u’ in community and both will drum it into you until you finally accept it.
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While our conference ignored the fact that Britain has the second lowest workplace fatal injuries in the EU; and its construction fatalities are half the EU average; the HSC conference was admitting that it has lost control of a ‘sensible balance in the management of risk.’
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Sustainable architectural argument?
Bill Gething of Feilden Clegg Bradley started it by proudly stating, that when it came to environmentalism: ‘I am a fascist.’ Even though he recognised that the right-wing language could seem to be a glib use of heavily loaded concepts, he explained that he was serious.
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Gimme Shelter
Such is the current level of self-doubt in the West, that architects, traditionally renowned for making bold statements, are now marketing themselves on how small an impact they can make on the world.
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Therapy for Gaia
For those who believe in the concept of Gaia – the planet as a living organism – the latest European Environment Agency (EEA) report reads like a sick note.
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Rebranding parochialism
These days, it seems that democracy with no prefixes and a capital ‘d’ is too difficult a concept for many politicians to endorse wholeheartedly.
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The Vision Thing
Architects’ Journal, 13 November 2003
This year sees the 150th anniversary of Haussmann’s appointment as Prefect of the Seine, engaged to draw up the plans for Paris, one of the greatest, most audacious proposals in town planning ever seen. How would Haussman have survived if he had to deal with the miserablist tendency of modern day Britain? This article relates to the forthcoming Future Visions: Future Cities conference at the LSE on December 6th
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British records going downhill fast
Telegraph, 13 September 2003
Since when have we celebrated British speed records? Not that long ago, such records were seen as embarrassing; instead we aspired to world records.
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Reviews of Down the Tubes by Christian Wolmar
From The Politico:
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From Fabian Review:
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The Not-so Good Life
spiked, 11 March 2003
The government’s energy policy will take the UK down an exhausting route.
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The Future of Mobility
Culture Wars, March 2003
A review of the three public forums organised by the Transport Research Group and held at the Bloomberg Auditorium, London in February 2003. A series of weekly evening debates, attended by 170 people each week, the panel and audience were asked to explore the issues of Congestion, Infrastructure and Mobility by Dave Clements
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The Smoke clears
spiked, 19 December 2002
We’ve come a long way since the smog days of 1952.
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Areas of grave concern
Telegraph, 23 November 2002
Why are children in poor neighbourhoods more at risk of traffic accidents?
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