“It was a great event. Real energy, people alive, and live ideas… Very, very glad you thought of inviting me. I did have a long-ish stream of people come up to me at the drinks part saying how much they enjoyed it all. Richard (Sennett) also liked it a lot. Thanks for putting in the effort, the imagination, the care. We need these types of jamborees.”
Saskia Sassen, Ralph Lewis Professor of Sociology at the University of Chicago, and Centennial Visiting Professor at the London School of Economics

“That was a bloody amazing day, most conferences are a real drain. Only blood on the floor was Tristram (Hunt)’s – deservedly in my view.”
Jules Lubbock, author “Tyranny of Health” and past-speech writer for Prince Charles

“The whole event was really engaging”
Ian Abley, author “Why is Construction So Backward?”

“I thought it was a huge success overall, one of the most productive and stimulating conferences I’ve been to in a long time. There was a real urgency the questions discussed, a marked contrast with the events I usually go to.”
Dr Richard J. Williams, author “The Anxious City”

“Thanks again for such an enjoyable and useful day – so rare the two come together at conferences”
Laurie Peake, Public Art Co-ordinator, Liverpool Biennial of Contemporary Art

“It was good fun with some useful discussions”
Howard Williamson CBE, member Youth Justice Board and lecturer, School of Humanities, Law and Social Sciences, University of Glamorgan

“I was reflecting on the conference… drawing together such a wide range of interesting, significant and different points of view and insight. And how very valuable that is (and how rare). I was very stimulated by the debate I was involved with… I very much hope you will take this phenomenon from strength to strength. It’s gripping stuff and pretty useful as well!”
Tom Oliver, head of policy and planning, CPRE

“I was very impressed with the numbers of people that you managed to persuade to come out on a Saturday. I was expecting about 30 or 40 people in our workshop and I think we had about 150 very engaged people in the end so it made it all the more exciting. Thanks for inviting me.”
David Tyler, National Director, Community Matters

“The real accolade is to you for casting, organising and holding the event together.”
Andrew Calcutt, editor Rising East and principal lecturer in the School of Social Sciences, Media and Cultural Studies at the University of East London

“It was a great day. Thank you”
Jude Codner, PA to Hilary Cotton, RED, Design Council

“The day was a great promotion for discussion as with many other students I have a notebook full of essay-filling quotations.”
Kit Friend, Graphic designer for ‘Pople at 60’ concert

“I really had a great time and had opportunities to talk with many people from different backgrounds. It would be nice if I can participate in this kind of events more in future.”
Chiho Kato, Communication Art and Design, Royal College of Art

“I would like to congratulate you once again for the Future of Community Festival. The choice of speakers was spot-on, as was the atmosphere.”
Antti Silvast, University of Helsinki, Faculty of Social Science

“Congratulations on organising and getting together so many top speakers. Good luck for your forthcoming initiatives.”
Trevor Sharp, Landscape Architect, Groundwork Kent Thames-side

“Really pleased I decided to attend last Sat’s event – despite initial thought of giving it a miss once I opened my eyes to the glorious sunshine. Workshop sessions all very interesting and really thought-provoking – I didn’t feel any of the sessions were weak – a rare occurence in the ‘event’ circuit. Please keep me in the loop for future events – thanks!”
Sherry Clark, Mental health promotion co-ordinator (workplace health), Lewisham Mental Health Promotion Team, South London and Maudsley NHS Trust

“Felt very inspired by it all and came away very enthused”
Graham Freer, Progressio

“Excellent day…Plenary sessions were particularly good”
Michele Ledda, English teacher

“Thank you for organising such a great event. I thought the day was well thought through as each session was well chaired with a good mix of speakers. The time given to each session allowed discussion and debate – which rarely happens at conferences at such a scale. I returned home with a full head!”
Ruth Holmes, student, University of Westminster

“I found the day inspiring and helpful in making sense of all the attention that urban design, places, architecture and buildings are getting!!”
Shelagh McNerney, Associate Director, Taylor Young

“I enjoyed the festival very much. The speakers I heard were all excellent and their range of backgrounds and perspectives made for lively debate. I liked the format of the sessions which encouraged input from the audience. Nice to not be bombarded with powerpoints for a change. The atmosphere of the venue was very inspiring too.”
Linda Wilks, Research Student, The Open University Business School

“There were some excellent sessions and everything seemed to work smoothly. I thought the venue was great and everyone there was very friendly. The festival feel worked well – gave the whole thing a nice informality, but the discussions were still meaty and stimulating. There were loads of people there I’d never met or seen before and I met some really interesting folk.”
Niall Crowley, graphic designer

“I enjoyed myself greatly.”
Ken Yeang, international architect and author of “The Green Skyscraper”

“Thank you for the Festival – which I thought was incredibly impressive… worth every penny – I learned a great deal and heard a lot of very different and very erudite perspectives.”
Ruth Backhouse, designer, Stephen Berkhoff website

“It seemed to me that the whole conference was a tremendous success. I peeked around a couple of doors at the sessions preceding mine, and was very impressed with the size of the audience, etc. I did indeed have a good time. You fully deserve all the positive feedback for your work.”
Jeremy Stangroom, editor, The Philosophers’ Magazine

“It was a great day — congratulations! Keeping speakers to five minutes (ish!) was very effective, and made for a lively interchange rather than long lectures. Being able to attract such a galaxy of speakers served to make it even more stellar.”
Rob Cowan, director, Urban Design Group and author of “The Dictionary of Urbanism”

“The conference was really very.very good”
Penny Lewis, editor, Prospect architectural magazine

“The conference worked very well indeed. There was the right combination of discipline amongst the panels and informality in the debate.”
Stephen Rowland, professor of Higher Education, University College London

“Great conference. I thoroughly enjoyed the day. Fantastic that so many people are interested enough to go to such a thing on a Saturday. I think that’s what makes them such good events.”
Ben Stagg, Associate, DLA Architects

“A very successful event in terms of audience, content, buzz and badges.”
Tricia Austin, director of the MA Critical Context Programme, Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design

“Everyone I know who came was very impressed on every level.”
Karl Sharro, author, “Whatever Happened to Visionary Architecture”

“I certainly enjoyed it and the turn out was impressive.”
Professor Gloria Laycock, director, Jill Dando Institute of Crime Science

“It was definitely fun. A little chaotic at times perhaps but everyone seemed to enjoy it.”
Dave Perks, head of Science, Graveney School

“I thought the day was impressive – an excellent array of speakers and a good response from the audience.”
Daniel Ben-Ami, author, “Cowardly Capitalism: The Myth of the Global Financial Casino”

“There was a bit of a mix of topics, but I thought they hung together quite well. Even where a single panel was a bit mixed in the debates that were going on they all fitted in to the festival.”
Joe Kaplinsky, science writer

“A great event, congratulations.”
Neil Cummings, reader in theory and practice, Chelsea College of Art & Design

“I really enjoyed the event and found the sustainable communities discussion both stimulating and challenging! As I result I have already had internal discussions in WWF exploring different world views of sustainability communities and the concept of environmental limits.”
Rod Sterne, head of Local Sustainability Unit, WWF

“It was very flattering for me to be in such illustrious company.”
Hilly Janes, editor, The Times’ ‘Body & Soul’

“I enjoyed it. Good panel, varied opinions, no consensus.”
Jonathan Meades, author, broadcaster, bon viveur

“It was a wonderful festival you put together – and very heartening to see so many people (and so many young people) turn out on a freezing Saturday to a day of talks! Enormously stimulating. As always, when a discussion takes off, you’re left bemoaning limitations of time – that’s no criticism, but a complement on the quality of audience and speakers throughout the day.”
Jatinder Verma, director, Tara Arts

“The event was fantastic… I was re-energized by the debate”
Cheryl Hudson, Assistant Director, Academic Programme, Rothermere American Institute, University of Assistant Director, Academic Programme, Rothermere American Institute, University of Oxford

“Greatly enjoyed the Future of Communities Festival. Thanks you for putting together such an amazing array of speakers.”
Julia Pitts, Creative research and development and Assistant to Tim Molloy, Science Museum Strategic Design Unit